AGV Sided Forklift FR-SF700

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AGV Sided Forklift  FR-SF700
Navigation Mode Laser Navigation / Natural Navigation
Driven Mode Steering Wheel
Travel Direction Forward, Reverse, Left Turn, Right Turn
Communication Mode Wi-Fi / 5G
Load Capacity 1000Kg (Customizable)
Lifting Height 4500mm (Customizable)
Travel Speed 0~1.6m/s
Right Angle Stacking 1800mm
Positioning Accuracy ±5mm(first time); ±2mm(second time)
Driving Power 24V
Recharge Mode Auto / Manual
Power Discharge >300 times (Lead Acid Battery)/>3000 times (Lithium Battery)
Safety & Protection 360° Laser Obstacle Avoidance / Mechanical Collision Avoidance / Remote Emergency Stop / Fork Tooth Collision Avoidance
Alarm Mode Light Alarm, Voice Broadcasting Alarm
Extended Capabilities Support all electronic steering forklift refit and customization
Environment Self-adaption Laser Navigation
No need to install reflection board or QR code and etc.
No need to remake user’s site environment
High Accuracy ±5mm(first time); ±2mm(second time)
High Efficiency 7x24 hour work
Easy Maintenance Self-monitoring on errors
Safety 360° Laser Obstacle Avoidance and Light & sound Alarm
Intelligent Brain Map building, Route-setting, Auto-recharging, Auto-working,
Traffic Control, Coordination and docking, Coordination and linkage, Cluster scheduling, ERP/MES System Connecting and other more complicated functions.
Remote Upgrading Remote upgrading for the latest generation of control system


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